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School based teacher training in exactly that - school based. You will train to teach in a school as part of their team throughout the year and will have the opportunity for short placements at contrasting schools. You will become part of the children's lives and will make an incredible contribution to their education during the year.

Teaching in Surrey

Surrey has a reputation for the provision of high quality education and with the growth in population/new schools we need you more than ever before. You are wanted!

We are here to help get you started!

Each provider has a link on the home page. They all have members of the team who would happily answer any questions that you may have or can offer guidance on what do to next. Just ask!

Want to meet us?

As we hear of information seminars and recruitment events we will post them on our calendar (look at our 'events' page). Each provider will also have an up to date list of their events on their website.